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  • Semi-automatic Thick Film Printing Machine CP20
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  • Automatic Feeding and Unloading (Thick Film) Printing Machine CP20
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  • Fully Automatic LTCC Printing QP60 (low temperature co-fired ceramic)
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  • Fully Automatic LTCC Printing QP55 (low temperature co fired ceramic)
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About microgrid

Dongguan Ugren Automation Co., Ltd, was established in 2012, is a high-tech company specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and maintaining high precision LTCC/HTCC production line , high precision thick film hybrid integrate.
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"Providing high quality precision equipment solutions for customers"

Focusing on the machinery and equipment industry for 16 years, including 11 years of experience in R&D at world's first brand of equipment manufacturing.

Formationof our technical elite team are both from do mestic and abroad, who posses European design philosophy and strong technical advantages.

Working closely with domestic leading companies to acquire joint venture development  and obtain multiple patents.

  • 2012


  • 20+

    National patent

  • 30+

    Product sold

Member of China Electronic Component Industry Association

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